Oldham County Schools

The school-wide awards reflect the efforts of hard-working teachers and students who have made the school district a top performing county school district on the state CATS tests.  Three new schools have opened in recent years to meet the growing student population of Oldham County.

Oldham County Board of Education - 502-222-8880 - www.oldham.k12.ky.us

Oldham County Parochial Schools

St. Mary Academy - 502-222-0671 - www.saintmaryacademy.com

St. Aloysius Catholic School - 502-241-8516 or 502-241-4354

Private Schools

Pewee Valley Junior Academy - 502-241-4354

St. Francis School - 502-228-1197

United Christian Academy - 502-241-6682

Waldeck Academy of the Arts - 502-241-7755